Geriatric Medicine Naples, FL

Geriatric medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the care of older adults. As we age, care often becomes increasingly more complex and a comprehensive care plan should be made with the patient and their primary care physician. It is important to have a physician who understands the interaction of medicines while managing many complex health problems. Multispecialty care should also be coordinated to provide a comprehensive plan for the patient. Medicare is moving forward with best-practice models to improve outcomes and lower costs. Prime MD of Naples is aligned with this and applies best practice long-term care models to our patients to enhance their quality of life.

Caring for Seniors in Naples, FL at Prime MD of Naples

Geriatric medicine, also known as Geriatrics, is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the health and well-being of older adults. As people age, their healthcare needs change – geriatrics is designed to address these unique needs.

At Prime MD of Naples, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate geriatric services to seniors in Naples, FL, and surrounding areas. Our team of expert physicians and healthcare professionals is trained to deliver personalized care to seniors, with a focus on promoting healthy aging and improving the quality of life for our patients.

Why Choose Geriatric Medicine?

Geriatrics is a crucial aspect of healthcare for seniors, as it recognizes and addresses the specific challenges and complexities that come with aging. Choosing geriatric medicine at Prime MD of Naples offers several benefits, including:

Specialized Expertise

Geriatricians are physicians who are specifically trained to understand the unique health needs of older adults. They are knowledgeable about the physiological, psychological, and social changes that occur with aging and can provide tailored care to address these issues effectively.

Comprehensive Care

Geriatrics takes a holistic approach to care, considering not only the physical health of seniors but also their emotional, cognitive, and functional well-being. At Prime MD of Naples, our geriatric medicine services encompass a wide range of healthcare needs, including preventive care, chronic disease management, medication management, memory assessment, fall assessment and prevention, palliative care, and end-of-life care.

Patient-Centered Approach

Geriatricians emphasize patient-centered care, taking into account the individual preferences, values, and goals of each patient. They work closely with patients and their families to develop personalized care plans that align with their unique needs and preferences, fostering a trusting and collaborative relationship.

Multidisciplinary Care

Geriatrics often involves a team-based approach to care, involving various healthcare professionals, such as nurses, social workers, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, and other specialists. At Prime MD of Naples, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts who collaborate closely to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for our geriatric patients.

Common Health Concerns in Geriatric Medicine

As people age, there are common health concerns that may arise, and geriatrics is designed to address these issues proactively. Some of the most common health concerns in geriatric medicine include:

Chronic Diseases

Older adults are more likely to have chronic conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and dementia. Geriatricians at Prime MD of Naples are experienced in managing these chronic diseases, providing appropriate medical interventions, and coordinating care to optimize health outcomes.

Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline, including memory loss and dementia, is a common concern in older adults. Geriatricians can assess cognitive function, provide interventions to slow down the progression of cognitive decline and help patients and families navigate the challenges associated with memory loss.

Medication Management

Older adults often take multiple medications, which can increase the risk of adverse drug reactions and interactions. Geriatricians are trained to review medications, optimize drug regimens, and reduce the risk of medication-related problems.

Falls and Mobility Issues

Falls are a significant concern for older adults and can result in serious injuries. Geriatricians can assess the risk of falls, provide interventions to reduce the risk and help patients maintain mobility and functional independence.

Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care

Geriatricians are trained to provide palliative care and end-of-life care for older adults with serious illnesses. They can address pain and symptom management, provide emotional support, and help patients and families make informed decisions about end-of-life care preferences, including advance care planning and discussions about goals of care.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Geriatricians understand the importance of addressing the social and emotional aspects of aging. They can assess and manage issues such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, and social isolation, and provide appropriate support and resources to promote mental well-being in older adults.

Nutritional Health

Nutritional needs change as people age, and geriatric medicine addresses these changes to optimize the nutritional status of older adults. Geriatricians can assess the nutritional needs of seniors, provide dietary recommendations, and address issues such as malnutrition and dehydration.

Why Choose Prime MD of Naples for Your Geriatric Medicine Needs?

Prime MD of Naples offers comprehensive and compassionate geriatric medicine services in Naples, FL, and surrounding areas. Our experienced team provides specialized care for older adults, focusing on physical, cognitive, functional, social, and emotional well-being. We prioritize preventive care, chronic disease management, medication management, memory assessment, fall prevention, palliative care, and nutritional management.

Patient safety and involvement in care decisions are paramount, and our team stays updated with the latest advancements in geriatric medicine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the Prime MD of Naples difference in geriatric medicine.