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Naples Family Practice

Pediatrics, women’s health, adult and geriatric medicine.

Family Medicine is a specialty. The discipline offers care through all stages of life and focuses on illness prevention. It addresses the whole patient through medical, social and behavioral understanding. Our primary care physicians in Naples, FL are experienced and comfortable with all aspects of family medicine. If an expert opinion is required, our primary care doctors will refer you to a trusted specialist in the area.

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Family Medicine

Family medicine is a specialized field of medical care dedicated to treating patients across all age groups. By comprehensively assessing patients’ medical, social, and behavioral backgrounds, our family physicians significantly influence health outcomes.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric medicine is a specialized field dedicated to the health and well-being of older adults. At Prime MD of Naples, we are committed to integrating these best practices into our long-term care models, aiming to enhance our patients’ quality of life.


At our Naples family practice, we offer comprehensive care for children of all ages, specializing in the early detection and management of childhood illnesses and disorders. Our goal is to ensure that every parent feels comfortable approaching us for their child’s healthcare needs.

Wellness Care

We believe you will remain happier and healthier at home with the right guidance and the correct medical care from Prime MD of Naples. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day most problems can be managed at home before they become serious.


At Prime MD of Naples, we are a strong proponent of immunizations. We provide vaccines for both children and adults. We strongly believe that the risk for vaccination is significantly less than the disease itself. However, we do respect the autonomy of the patient and whatever path you choose.

Women’s Health

Whether helping with contraception, pregnancy, or caring for your children and your extended family, our women’s health center in Naples, FL is always here to provide expert advice. Our women’s health physicians are experienced in providing all forms of family-planning advice for young women including all contraceptive methods.


Through the clinical expertise in advanced aesthetic procedures of Dr. Cosmina Popa, we are now offering anti-aging treatments with neurotoxins and facial fillers. She is also able to recommend a simple and efficient antiaging skincare routine and treat the most common skin-related conditions.

Weight Loss

We use FDA-approved medications, and behavioral and nutritional counseling, and follow your progress closely with weekly appointments, blood work, body measurements, and food journals. This program is private pay for most patients.